Cloud TV: How IPTV Streaming Service Simplifies Video Content

Corporate cable plans are a thing of the past. Upgrading your company’s TV delivery method from out-dated cable services to Cloud IPTV service ensures your business stays ahead in the competitive digital video delivery space. With advanced features like Replay TV, Managed Mesh Wifi and IPTV solutions, Divitel understands the needs of your customers. Let’s take a look at how Divitel and Cloud IPTV simplifies your organization’s digital video content.

What Is IPTV?

IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is a cutting-edge method of delivering digital video content instead of traditional cable services. Rather than coaxial cable internet or spotty satellite media, IPTV uses streaming digital content a breeze through internet protocol. Having a hard time visualizing what IPTV is? Ever heard of Netflix? Yep! That’s IPTV in a nutshell. In a world where the ios and android phones stay by our side all times, migrating to IPTV keeps the content your consumers want seamlessly delivered to their devices.

IPTV offers your content to be delivered in both live and pre-recorded video streaming. Because IPTV uses an IP distribution network, there’s no limit on the number of people that can watch your content at once. This makes it easy to enterprise IPTV to broadcast announcements and other business-related content to your entire workforce at once. Learn more about how Divitel is taking business like yours to the next level with IPTV.

Personalized, Targeted,  Digital Content

Consumers demand innovation, and that demand does not stop with your business. By using a cloud-based IPTV, your agency will have a unique profile that allows you to target personalized content that your clients are looking for. Divitel offers our business clients a top-tier Catch up TV, Pause live TV, Restart TV, HD TV, Advanced VOD stores including Movie VoD and HBO Series, Network PVR, reaching viewers anytime, anywhere through Set top box, Android and iOS apps.

Unlike traditional cable tv where you can only access it from your home television, Most IPTV providers give you the multi screen option, this would include traditional devices like TV’s, but also other devices like laptops, desktops and personal smartphones. With this option, you can watch your favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere with industry leading high-speed bandwidth.

One Team, Seamless Managed Migration

We understand your daily motivation, and it isn’t managing the ins and outs of a service migration. Allow a video delivery domain expert from Divitel to manage this transformation for you. From planning and building, and deployment all followed up with superb engineering support, Divitel simplifies migrations. IPTV offers cost saving for most companies from the low cost of hardware, increased productivity among IT teams, IPTV form Divitel can offer your business an excellent return on investment. Divitel engineers can monitor and respond to any incidents or service failures in a planned manner, allowing for the impact to be gauged for severity and triaged based on those results for faster solutions. Click here to learn more about how Divitel is deploying and supporting IPTV services and simplifying organizational productivity with Cloud IPTV.

One Location To Serve All IPTV Devices

File storage rooms have moved, and not moved down the hall, file management, data storage and streaming content are now all a part of the cloud-based data management in today’s business landscape. In the past, it was not uncommon for each facility or location within an organization required the video content delivery to be managed independently.

With Cloud IPTV, a single organizational location can manage all branches and facilities from one centralized point. Migrating digital video content to Cloud IPTV creates a single point of access for all locations, ensuring a smooth and manageable solution for an otherwise complicated project. Want to learn more? Speak with an expert today.

Partner With Divitel Today

Divitel has taken the guesswork out of planning and deploying your organization’s digital video delivery. Divitel has the advantage of being independent, this leaves Divitel and their clients in a position to choose what works best for them without the concern of being cornered into another program or service. Speak with a digital domain expert today and find out how Divitel can best support your businesses needs, allowing you to stay laser-focused on executing your agency’s daily operations.